Odense Aafart – Canoe Rental
Odense Aafart – Canoe Rental

Rent a canoe with Odense Aafart’s Canoe Rentals and enjoy the beautiful Odense River



Pickup and return of the canoe

Professional canoe rental in Odense

When you rent canoes through Odense Aafart, you are in good hands. Odense Aafart is based on professionalism and credibility and has many years of expertise when it comes to experiences at Odense Å. Now we also offer canoe rental.

You can order canoes online or you can contact us personally by telephone or mail where we are ready to answer questions and accept orders.

If you order online, you can choose between two options: a full day trip from Bellinge-Munke Mose or a half-day trip from Fruens Bøge-Munke Mose.

Our canoes are labeled Linder 525, which is especially suitable for rental. The canoes are extra large, so there is plenty of space for both you and your belongings. Most importantly, the canoes are very stable, so we are sure to get you dry-shod ashore again.

We are looking forward to giving you the best canoe experience at Odense Å.