Rules and advices

We have put together a number of good advice and rules, which you are recommended to follow when renting a canoe at Aafartens Canoe Rental.

These tips are for the benefit of you and other users of Odense River, and everyone will be guaranteed a good canoeing experience.

Safety in the canoe

  • Always wear a life jacket
  • Never stand up in the canoe
  • Do not tie the canoes together
  • At least one in the canoe should be able to swim
  • Always pack the heaviest bag or luggage at the back of the canoe, which makes it easier to navigating the cano in the water.

Traffic and behavior along Odense River

  • You have an unconditional right of way to Aafarten’s tour boats. Keep a good distance from the tour boats and sail in to the side when you see them coming.
  • Fishing from the boat is not allowed – Remember you must have a fishing license and be a member of a fishing club if you want to fish from land – read more here:
  • It is not allowed to grill or light bonfires along Odense River
  • Avoid noisy behavior that may be disruptive to wildlife and other users of the area along the river
  • Protect the nature as well as animal and plant life – do not leave any garbage!

Pleas return the canoes cleared from garbage and delivered by appointment