Terms of Trade

Terms of trade for Aafartens canoe rental.

CVR. nr: 39390159

Filosofgangen 30B
Phone 40793003


When you want to order a canoe, please fill out our orderformular or please send a mail to: kontakt@aafartenskanoudlejning.dk. Please note that the reservation is only complete, when you recive a confirmation from us. We always answer within 24 hours.

As our rental concerns a certain date and time, cancellation is not an option.


You will recieve an invoice together with your order confirmation. Payment can be done by MobilePay or a bank transfer.


Taxes are included in all our prices. You can only pay with danish crones (DKK.)


As our rental concerns a certain date and time, cancellation is not an option.


Rental canoes can only be refunding if we have to cancel our trip. A cancellation would appear if the water is extraordinary high, or if the trees are tipping.

Route changing

We reserves the right to change the start and ending spot if the river is unable to sail at because of tipping trees, protection of the nature, construction of the river, and so on.

Pickup of your rental canoesYour rental canoes will be ready for you at the place and time you agreed with us. Look at our pickup and return places here.

Your rental canoes will come together with a note that contains your name, date and numbers of the canoes. You will also find life jackets and paddles in your canoes.

Return / Pickup

You have to return the canoes with our workshop, which is on the left side of the river right before you reach Munke Mose. A trailer will be ready for you. You have to clean the canoe befor you return it, and then put the canoes in the trailer. The bottom of the canoe have to lay upwards. Paddles and life jackets have to lie down under the canoe.

The canoes must be ready for return within 6 PM.

NOTICE! If the canoes are not returned at the agreed time and place, it costs 500 DKK per. hour to look after the canoes. It would minimum be for half and hour. We will also charge 500 DKK per hour if you return the canoe after 6 PM.  

Responsibility for the rental canoes and equipment

You have the full responsibility for the rental canoes and equipment during the rental time.


Marks and scratches are approved. But if the canoes and equipment have been abused, or if it is broken, you must pay for the repair, or your insurance must cover it.

You can not use duct tape (or similar things) on our life jackets, canoes, paddles and so on. If you do, it will cost 500 DKK per hour to remove it, and it will always take half and hour. If it is not possible to remove the tape or glue, you have to replace the equipment.

Lost equipment must be replaced.

Your responsibilities

Please be aware of that all kinds of sailing is your own responsibility, and if you get hurt, your own insurance must cover the accident.

If our equipement are used by other parties such as schools or organizations, please know that your teachers or directors have the full responsibility, and they have to manage a safety instruction which fits the sailing activity. When you rent our canoes, you must inform the name of the organization, and the name of the person in charge.

Aafartens Canoe Rental can never be responsible for the the act of the other part.

We take precaution for:

  • Price increases
  • Force majeure.
  • Overbookning
  • Misprints
  • Picture mistakes
  • We reserves the right to cancel an order if necessary
  • Delays due to accidents or road construction.
  • If the rental equipment contains failure or defects, please contact our acute phone +4540793003 as soon as possible, to give us the oppurtunity to fix the problem. The phone number stands on the canoe as well.


It is not possible to change the date of the reservation. It is always possible to make small changes regarding numbers of life jackets and paddles. If you want to increase the number of rental canoes, it may occure that all our canoes are rented out. If you rented too many canoes, it is possible to cancel some of them – But please be AWARE that you do not get a refund for the cancelled canoes.

Safety instructions It is important that the person, who make the reservation has the responsibility for all the participants in the canoes, and is familiar with the content in our safety instruction. Look here: Safetyinstructions

The last chance to book is 1 day before.