Safety instructions

Canoeing is not risk free, so please read the following to get the best experience on the river.

Be aware that all sailing takes place at your own risk, which means that you are covered by your own insurance – both in case of responsibility and accident. The Aafartens Canoe Rental can never be held responsible for others or users actions. Sailing on Odense River is relatively safe. Check the weather forecast before you sail and always pay attention to changing wind and weather conditions, and if trees has fallen in or over the river. Make sure everyone are wearing a lifejacket properly clamped before getting in the canoes. We recommend that all participants can swim, and that children are followed by adults who can swim.

Unconditional right of way to Aafarten’s tour boats

Odense Aafart sails with their tour boats on the river between Munke Mose and Fruens Bøge. The canoes must always keep a good distance from the tour boats, and the canoes must sail to the side when a tour boat are sailing by. Be foresighted, quick and clear – but safe – in your navigation of the canoe, so you can avoid any situations with the tour boats. Because of the depth of the river, the turbots do not have the ability to navigate around the canoes. The canoes will therefore always have unconditional right of way to Aafarten’s tour boats.

In case of accident

In case of accident you should always contact the police first – call 112 – and inform your location as best as possible. Therefore always carry a fully charged mobile in the canoe in case of an accident. We recommend that you download Denmark’s official emergency app for free- it is called “112 app”. Through the app you can call the alarm center and send your GPS signal at the same time. Mobile, wallet and other valuables can be conveniently packed in a waterproof drybag.

Your life is always the most important thing. In the event of an altercation, make sure of your own safety and then other participants. Equipment recovery has last priority.

Damage to equipment

Scratches and marks are proper use of canoes and equipment are considered general wear. Any lost equipment and / or abuse must be replaced / repaired at your own expense. It is not allowed to patch equipment and life jackets with duct tape.

In case of defective or damaged equipment at pickup, contact Aafartens Canoe Rental at the telephone number indicated on the canoes (+45 40 55 30 03 / +45 40 79 30 03).


It is important to be properly dressed when sailing in a canoe. The clothing should give you good mobility, but also keep you warm and protect against wind and weather. We therefore recommend dressing in layers – it is easier to regulate in relation to the weather situation. While the weather is good, it is also important to have good footwear that can withstand getting wet. In addition, we always recommend bringing a sun hat, cap, sunscreen and drinking water.