Experiences at Odense Å

Experiences at Odense Å
Odense Å is Fyn’s longest stream and one of the city’s many beautiful getaways. The river stretches more than 50 kilometers, which offers you a great opportunity to discover the beautiful nature along the stream or just enjoy a quiet boat trip in the pleasantly green surroundings. For many years there were water mills for industrial use along the creek, as well as a lot of laundry areas where the washerwomen washed clothes for the people of Odense. The laundry room at Odense Adelige Jomfrukloster still exist, and here you can see the stones where H.C. Andersen’s mother stood and washed. Today, the mills are shut down, and almost all the laundry areas are gone, but the creek still attracts lots of people who appreciate the beautiful green nature.

Animal life:
Along the river, animal life thrives – both in water and in the air. The river is for instance a popular fishing spot for sea trout. Fishing from the boat is not allowed, but we still encourage you to bring a fishing pole, as there are docks along the shore from where you can fish.

The area around Odense Å is also home to a lot of birds, among others a few notable ones of its kind. If you keep your eyes peeled, you can be lucky to see the white-tailed eagle for instance. The river is also home to herons, which among others are found at the mouth of the inlet. On the line between Fruens Bøge and Munke Mose, you can often be lucky to see the kingfisher who lives here.

Enjoy your lunch in the nature:
There are several spots along the river where you can dock your canoe and enjoy your homemade lunch on benches and tables, for example in De Hemmelige Haver. These gardens are a small, secluded oasis where it also is allowed to eat of the gardens’ berries and fruits.

It is also possible to buy food for the trip in Aafartens kiosk. Here you can buy sandwiches and cake, which you easily can bring on the canoe tour. There is therefore great opportunity to enjoy your lunch in the nature. Read much more about the docks and sights along the river in our brochure, which is handed out when you pick up the canoe.