Where can you sail?

We recommend two routes. A half day trip that lasts 2 hours (3,2 kilometers), where you start in Fruens Bøge and arrive to Munke Mose. Or a whole day trip that lasts 4-6 hours (9,9 kilometers) , where you start in Bellinge and arrive in Fruens Bøge. When you order online, you can deside which one you want to sail.

Can you rent the canoes for more than one day?

By personal request, it is possible to plan your own trip that can last several days.

Does the canoes come together with life jackets and paddles?

Yes, the canoes come along with life jackets for children and adults and paddles as well. Look under “Reservation“.

Where do we return the canoes?

When you are done with sailing, the canoes must be returned by Aafartens Workshop, unless other things are planned with us. Look under Pickup and return of the canoes.

What happens if I do not return the canoe at det right place?

If the canoes are not returned at the agreed time and place, it costs 500 DKK per. hour to look after the canoes. It would minimum be for half and hour.

How many people can fit a canoe?

Our canoes are by the brand Linder 525. They are the biggest and the most stabile on the market. There are room for 3 adults, or 2 adults og 2 small children in the canoe.